Nadya Petska

Hunter Protagonist


XP 6oo
Fe m a l e h u m a n ( U l fen) r a n g e r 3
CG M ed i u m h u m a n o i d ( h u m a n)
I nit 2; Senses Perce ption +s
AC i5, touch i2, fl at-footed i3 (
3 a r m o r, 2 Dex)
h p 24 (3d10
Fort 4 , Ref +s, Will +o
Speed 30 ft.
Melee h a n d axe +3 (1d 6
1/x3) and light p i c k 3 (1d4/x4) o r
h a n d axe +s (1d 6
i/x3) o r
l i ght p i c k + s (1d4+i/x4)
Ranged com posite l o n g bow s (1d8i/x3)
Special Attacks favo red e n e my (a n i m a l s 2)
During Combat Nadya tries to keep her distance in battle, fi ri n g
her b o w at adversaries before they can c l o s e on her. W h e n
faced with more d a n gerous foes, especia l ly t h o s e attuned to
co ld, N a dya h u rls a flask of alchemist’s fi re to h i nder them.
Morale N adya fi g hts with convicti o n , b u t recogn izes
ove rwh e l m i n g odds and s u rrenders when necessary. In t h e
face of t r u l y u n c o m p ro m i s i n g evi l , s h e fi ghts to t h e death.
Str i2, Dex i5, Con i3 , I nt i2, Wis 8, Cha i4
Base Atk +3 ; C M B +4; C M D i6
Feats E n d u ra n ce, P o i n t- B l a n k S h ot, S ki l l Focus (S u rviva l),
Two -We a p o n F i g h t i n g, Wea p o n F i n esse
Ski l l s Acro batics +s, C l i m b +s, H a n d l e A n i m a l +6, Heal +s,
K n o w l e d g e ( g e o g r a p h y) +7, K n o w l e d g e ( l o c a l ) +4,
Knowledge (n a t u re) +7, Percept i o n +s, Ride +6, Ste a l t h +8,
S u rvival +8
Languages Co m m o n , S ka I d
SQ favo red terra i n (co l d +2), t r a c k + i , w i l d e m pathy + s
Com bat G e a r potion of cure m o derate wounds, a l c h e m ist’s
fi re (2); Other Gear mwk studded l e a t h e r, com posite
l o n g bow (
1 Str) with 20 a rrows, dagger, h a n d axe, l i g h t
p i c k , snowshoes of northern pursuit (see p a g e 61), backpack,
b e d ro l l , c o l d -weat h e r outfit, fl i nt a n d ste e l , hooded l a ntern,
oil (2), rati o n s (10 days), t i n dertwigs (3), trave l e r’s outfit,
waters k i n , winter b l a n ket, 36 gp, 27 sp, 41 cp


Only 2 6 years old, Nadya Petska has already experienced
a lifetime’s worth of tragedy and hardship. Widowed 2
years ago when her husband Hjalnek fell to a greedy ice
troll in the Hoarwood Forest, Nadya harbors a grudge
against the White Witches oflrrisen and their monstrous
allies . Since her husband’s death, she has struggled to care
for their three children-a 7-year- old daughter, Thora,
and twin 5-year- old sons, Orm and Mj oli. The task is
made even more challenging, however, because Nadya
must provide for her family, which forces her to rely on
friends to look after her children while she travels. Shortly
after her husband’s death, Nadya took up his trade as a
food merchant and importer for the eastern reaches of
the Hoarwood, including her home village of Waldsby.
Hj alnek had taught her many things about survival and
travel in the wilds, allowing her to carry on his work and
succeed despite the challenges that she faces. As a result,
many people in Hoarwood rely on her busine s s , including
the local Jadwiga aristocracy, who use Nadya’s provisions
to supplement the food they import for themselves from
Whitethrone and outside Irrisen.
About a year ago, Nadya established peaceful contact
with a friendly tribe of Kellids near Irris en’s border
with the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, trading with
them for grain, raw meat, livestock, leather goods, and
furs. Nadya’s dogsleds make frequent, multi-week runs
through the forest and the tundra of eastern Hoarwood
s o she can barter with the Kellids and restock the village
storehous e s . Because of her boldne s s and the invaluable
s ervice she provides , Nadya has become a trusted name
in Waldsby. Unfortunately, she still struggles to win
influence with the White Witch Nazhena Vasilliovna, who
rules the region from her Pale Tower. Nadya supplies the
Pale Tower in addition to Waldsby, but the witch’s guards
routinely commandeer Nadya’s shipments rather than
pay a fair price for them. In exchange, the peasants of
Waldsby receive a little less harassment when the s oldiers
visit the village. Although she resents Nazhena’s sense of
entitlement, Nadya has come to view this arrangement as
a neces s ary food “tax” -one that earns her the continued
freedom to look after the well-being of her friends
and family.NadyaPetska.jpg

Nadya Petska

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