Wren Tagabond

Human Fighter 2/Barbarian 2


Wren Tagabond
CG Humanoid (human)
STR 22, DEX 16, CON 16, INT 11, WIS 11, CHA 9, ATR 9
Speed: 40ft
HP: 54, current: 38
initiative: +5
BAB: +4

AC: 10+3dex+5armor+1nat=19
touch: 13
flat-footed: 16
CMD: 10+3dex+6str+4bab=23

fort +3barbarian+3fighter+3con= +9
will +0
reflex: 3dex= +3

masterwork fullblade (12 melee, 2d87 damage, 19-20/x2 crit)
longbow (6 ranged, 1d8 +1 damage, x3 crit)
Dagger (
10 melee, 6 ranged, 1d42 damage, 19-20/x2 crit)
Heavy Mace (10 melee, 1d85 damage, x2 crit)

Rage: 9 rounds
HP: 63 (or +8)
AC: 17, t: 11, ff: 14
CMD: 24
Fullblade (
14 melee, 2d8+12)
dagger (11 melee, 1d44)
Heavy Mace (11 melee, 1d88)

Raging Boner: 16 rounds
HP: 63 (or +12)
CMD: 25
Fullblade (
15 melee, 2d8+13)
dagger (13 melee, 1d44)
heavy mace (13 melee, 1d89)

Feats/special abilities:
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (fullblade)
Monkey Grip: weild weapons one size category too large
Weapon Focus Fullblade
Power Attack
Raging Boner (rage power)
bravery +1

reactionary: +2 to initiative
Bully: +1 to intimidate checks

Acrobatics- 3ranks+3dex= 6
Perception- 4ranks
1wis+3class= 8
Survival- 3ranks
1wis+3class= 7
Intimidate- 3ranks-1cha
3class+2competence = 7
ride- 2ranks
3class+3dex= +8
Diplomacy- 2ranks-1cha= +1

Languages: Common, Sylvan, Giant

“basic shit”, wurm teeth, wurm eyes, wurm bones, map, broken hip flask

masterwork fullblade, longbow, 2 daggers, heavy mace, breastplate, cloak of the yeti, potion of cure light, potion of featherstep

Communal Gear:
Spellbook, Scroll of animate undead, soul gem, frost giant’s beard [key], plague doctor’s mask [key], 4 scrolls of cure light wounds, potion of endure elements, potion of interrogation, chain shirt, spiked light steel shield, masterwork cold iron longsword, masterwork light crossbow, mirror, 24 gold

Xp: 7100


Wren was born to a wealthy family in a wealthy town in a wealthy country. Since he was young, he had always had a propensity for violence and trouble making. He wasn’t a particularly mean boy. In fact, he was perhaps over-friendly to those who were kind to him. It’s just that his main way of addressing grievances, talking over disagreements, or otherwise handling disagreeable people has been to beat them up. Before long, his parents had had enough and elected to find a school that could drill a suitable sense of decency and tact into the boy. Wren was not to be deterred, however, and soon became a frequent visitor of the office of the dean. Wren found school life unbearably boring and to break up the monotony he started a secret school fight club. Nothing like the boxing club or the fencing club, this club played until one participant was dead, dying, unconscious, or spiritually broken. Luckily, his compatriots would usually surrender to Wren before they were completely obliterated by his superior strength and most wounds could be healed with stolen potions and scrolls from the school infirmary. For the time, Wren was happy and surrounded with bloody, bruised, and broken friends. Years later, an ogre horde invaded the country where Wren’s academy had situated itself. The ogres tore through the school, taking anything of value and killing many. Wren thought this exciting and asked if he could join, much to the confusion of the ogres. Unsure what to do, the ogre warriors brought the boy to their chief, who agreed on one condition: Wren first had to fight the chief’s son. The chief had intended for this to be a coming-of-age ritual for her son, but her hopes were dashed as he was hacked and beaten into a bloody pulp at the chief’s feet. The chief of the ogres adopted Wren as her new son and taught him the ways of the ogre warriors: to reach into the deepest pits of your soul and come roaring back up, lifted by the fires of your inner rage. When Wren reached the official age of ogre maturity, he set out on his own to rip, tear, and hack his way to glory and riches as an adventurer. As Wren has matured, he has however become in touch with a more empathetic side of himself. He’s begun to doubt his ambitions and purpose as wanton destruction has begun to lose it’s luster.

Wren Tagabond

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